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Saturday, October 19, 2019

It's Almost Been One Year Since the Fire Swept Through Paradise

The bad news of the fire when it started, and no one realized just how bad it would end up--being the worst in the entire history of the state of California? 

viewer Lee Kremer sent this photo in of


On September 10, 2019 Collision Pros announced the winning entry for a late model car to a survivor of the fires that ravaged the town of Paradise.
Collision Pros lost our Paradise location, and as the kick off to our reopening, we wanted to do something special for someone in our town.
The winner of this car is Terra Hill. Terra suffered from 2nd and 3rd degree burns over half of her body. Terra, a single mother of 5,  lost her home, car and job. Now she battles with constant surgeries and medical costs. Terra has over $9,000 in Medical costs every month that are not covered.
Let’s make this go viral and help Terra with some of these medical costs. Please contribute,  share and let’s bless this amazing woman.

Who Knows What Will Really Become of Paradise?

It's been almost a year, and even though much has been cleaned up, and some places are actually open and operating, we can't actually tell how much has been done infra structure wise..........

We know lots of people are losing faith because everything is taking so long, and we definitely's getting pretty old..........but anyway, we can still help people who need quasi legal and legal help in some areas.

Family law, and some civil issues, animal law cases, if not stated, just call and ask us. We might be able to still help!!